2017 Senior Scholars Award

Ugo Mattei

Ugo Mattei Has been a professional legal scholar since the mid-eighties. He is a full Professor of Law both at the University of Turin and University of California-Hastings and has published numerous articles and books on law, economics and on comparative law. In recent years, Mattei has devoted himself to the study of the Commons at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome. Mattei’s work and approach has not only provided a better theory of the law and right of the commons to inform the design of commons institutions, but also best practices and replicable real-life models. Mattei’s approach sees land property and use rights within the interdisciplinary context of ownership regimes and the “governance of the commons”. In 2011, he successfully led the organization of a national-wide referendum against the Italian water privatization law promoted by Silvio Berlusconi. As a result, many cities in this country have attempted to give effect to the right to water and the call for democratic and transparent processes that emphasize user participation and democratic inclusion of citizens in the management of water through participatory channels for workers and users at all levels.